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AMICON designed and produced 7 pieces of aluminium tripods. The tripods will be used as hoisting equipment for the pulling of cables in wind farm “Windpark Fryslân”. The 3 legs of the tripod will be clamped to the flange of the monopile. Thereafter, cables can be pulled through the centre of the monopile.
Due to the use of aluminium, the tripod is lightweight and easily manageable. Therefore the tripod legs can be fitted to the monopile with hand. Because the product will be used for hoisting all tripods are subject to a load test. After the load test all welds are 100% examined.

The tripods will be fully enclosed with a cover. The material of the cover is flame retardant PVC. In top of the cover is a hole to ease the lifting of the tripod. Furthermore there are 3 zippers to give access to the space underneath the cover. The cover is tightly clamped by means of lashing straps to the tripod and monopile.

The complete design and engineering of the tripod and cover was carried out in-house by AMICON. The tripods are designed with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 5.5 tonnes.

Material tripod: EN AW 5083 H111 & EN AW 6060
Material cover: 650 gr./ m² flame retardant PVC canvas
Fabrication according to EN1090-3
SWL: 5.5 tonnes
Quantity: 7
Unit weight: 79 kg

Scope of delivery: