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Winsum Friesland

Our company is located in Winsum Friesland. Here we have an office complex of 500 m2 and a production location of over 2.500m2. This production area is divided into 2 halls. Hall 1 is our steel department and hall 2 is out separate non-ferrous department. Our halls can be arranged according project-specific wishes.

  • Overhead cranes
  • Close to the seaport of Harlingen
  • Non-ferrous department

Given the space and transport options, we build construction parts and machines at our location in Winsum that can be transported via public roads. Large dimensions are possible by means of special transport.

Production location on continuous waterways

In Franeker, AMICON has the option of using large production facilities on continuous waterways.

  • Offshore
  • Bulky construction parts & machines
  • Seaport Harlingen
  • On continuous waterways

Transport & Transshipment on the water

AMICON offers storage and transshipment locations on continuous waterways for various projects. If this is a requirement for your project, please feel free to contact us.