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About us

The Company

AMICON designs, calculates and manufactures customised equipment, constructions and architecture for you. This includes static and dynamic structures of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. AMICON takes care of everything, as soon as the specification of the product has been received, we take over all parts of the development and/or manufacturing process from you. We work closely with specialised and certified partners for any disciplines we do not have in-house, in order to provide you with a turn-key product.


AMICON works with qualified personnel, each with their own specialism. AMICON works in accordance with various quality systems and/or specifications. If required by applicable regulations, AMICON provides manufactured (parts) with the mandatory CE Marking.

  • NEN-EN 1090-1: CE Marking construction parts
  • NEN-EN 1090-2: Manufacture of steel parts up to and including performance class (EXC) 3
  • NEN-EN 1090-3: Manufacture of aluminium parts up to and including performance class (EXC) 3
  • Various standards such as Euro standards – AWS D 1.1 – ASME – DIN
  • Work in accordance with various classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register – DNV-GL – BV

Satisfied customers

A satisfied customer, that is AMICON’s goal. AMICON does not shy away from a challenge to achieve this. ‘The trick is to listen carefully to the customer, to be involved and to be sparring partners at any time, including during the design and production process. It is precisely these details that are crucial to gain a satisfied customer. Only then can the result be the best it can be.’


AMICON delivers quality, is flexible and fast. Our team of experienced professionals takes care of that by applying our experience and optimal knowledge and skills of contemporary techniques. We are passionate about our work!


AMICON is active within the following branches;

  • Offshore
  • Yacht building
  • Industrial
  • Architecture
  • Equipment

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