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Adapter Installation Tool

AMICON was responsible for the design, engineering and manufacturing for a so-called Adapter Installation Tool. The Tool will be used to place Steel Adapters under Windmill Jackets. The tool can be completely disassembled in order to be able to transport it by road. The Tool will be used for a new wind farm to be built off the Spanish coast.

Standard of delivery: EN1090-2 Exc. 3
Coating: 3-layer system C3
Material S355 and S235

A steel adapter should be placed under the legs of a jacket. The adapters are easy to install with the installation tool we developed. The adapter can be easily turned by means of the integrated slew bearing in order to reach the correct position for installation. A dismountable work platform makes it possible to work safely around the connection points. The tool has recesses in various places to transport it by means of a forklift.

Scope of supply: