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AMICON has designed and supplied an J-frame for the research vessel Wim Wolf of the NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research). Because the ship has to operate in very shallow water, AMICON has created an extremely light design. The J-frame consists entirely of aluminum. The J-frame will be used for towing nets and using various survey equipment overboard.

Frame material: Seawater-resistant aluminum
Coating according to 3-layer system Sigma
Maximum lifting capacity: 2.5 tons
Driven by hydraulic cylinder and external winch

AMICON has assembled the complete J-frame on the vessel. The foundations for the J-frame were also supplied by AMICON. All pivot points of the J-frame have been developed completely maintenance-free.

The entire product development and engineering of the J-frame was provided in-house by AMICON. Both the structure and the system were developed based on client specific wishes.