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”Sculptural” Billboard – London

AMICON created the so-called ”sculptural” billboard The Kensington in London. The billboard is one of the most amazing advertising objects in the world and is completely made of stainless steel 316L. Behind the screen is a complete sub-structure to keep the screen in place. In addition, the entire sub-structure is provided with ladders and platforms to be able to carry out work on the screen.

Dimensions: 33,000 x 12,000 x 2,500 mm.
Manufacturing is done in accordance with EN1090-3 – EXC3.
Material: Sheet metal stainless steel 316L.
Material foundation section: S355J2+N fitted with Feroform T814 sliding plates and stainless steel 316L spacers.
Surface treatment: Completely smoothed and non-directionally vibrated. Inside is completely stained and passivated in accordance with ASTM A380.

The billboard can be completely disassembled to allow transport to London. AMICON took care of the complete assembly of the Billboard. The scope of the work consisted of setting up the foundation sections. Setting up and adjusting the sections. Installing the columns for the screen. Installing all platforms and ladders.

Scope of delivery: